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Welcome to Jurgen Paul Photography, your trusted partner in capturing the timeless beauty and cherished moments of life's most precious occasions. With over a decade of dedicated experience, we specialize in wedding photography, both in Malta and across Europe.

At Jurgen Paul Photography, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to photography, which transcends the traditional to offer our clients a fresh and unforgettable experience. Each event is treated as a singular masterpiece, with our team dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the individual needs and desires of our esteemed clients.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond capturing images; we strive to provide an exceptional photography service marked by unparalleled customer satisfaction. We take joy in guiding our clients through a journey of creativity and exploration, introducing a variety of options, themes, and innovative ideas to bring their vision to life.

Through collaboration and brainstorming, we work hand in hand with our clients to transform their dreams into stunning reality, ensuring that every moment is captured with precision and artistry.

Choose Jurgen Paul Photography for an unparalleled photography experience that celebrates the uniqueness of your special day.

Jurgen Paul Photography - Your Premier Destination for Exceptional Wedding Photography

Our Philosophy

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"Experience exceptional photography with our customer-focused packages. Explore a range of options, themes, and creative ideas tailored to bring your vision to life. Let's collaborate creatively to make your dreams a reality."

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Our Services

Engagement and/or Post wedding

Choose any location for your photo session, where we'll use professional studio lighting to capture exceptional shots tailored to your desired theme. Afterward, all photos undergo professional editing for accurate shading, coloring, and brightness. You'll receive the finalized images within days, ready to cherish. Selected photos can also be included in your wedding album if desired.

Reception photo

Select from various high-quality materials for your reception photo, including canvas, laminated foam board, perspex, or glass prints. Choose from individual or merged photos from your pre-wedding or engagement shoot, or cherished images from your time together. We meticulously edit and process each image to match the theme and size of your chosen reception photo, ensuring accuracy, sharpness, and lasting quality for you to cherish beyond your wedding day.


The Guestbook will feature designated areas for guests to pen their heartfelt comments and wishes, accompanied by photos from the pre-wedding shoot. Each photo undergoes professional editing and is creatively arranged within the guestbook to add an artistic touch.


Our bespoke album designs are meticulously crafted to elegantly showcase your favorite images in a unique manner. You have the option to personalize your album with quotes or text that hold significance for you. The front cover can feature a personalized photo from either the pre-wedding shoot or the wedding day itself, printed on a printable material. Each album is curated with a selection of individually chosen photos, creatively edited and printed directly onto the pages in various shapes and sizes, ensuring a timeless and seamless presentation.

Wedding photography

This comprehensive package includes a consultation to align photography style with your preferences and needs. Coverage spans your entire wedding day, from home preparations to the 'going-away' celebration, with no overtime charges. Official wedding and group photographs are included, ensuring all emotional moments are captured. You'll receive an online transfer of all non-edited photos shortly after the wedding, with the opportunity to select 600 images for professional editing. Edited photos are provided watermark-free on high-resolution files within a few weeks.