Questions we are continuously being asked by clients during our introductory meeting is “what should we prepare at our houses for the day of the wedding…? Should we be ready and dressed by the time you arrive…? Can the photos be shot outdoors…? How long will the photo sessions take at the houses…?” and yes, a very common one is “Can I have my dog or cat in the photos? They are part of the family too…”

We continuously emphasise to our clients that your wedding day is YOUR wedding. There are no protocols or rules which the bride and groom should abide by.

Us as photographers will only have a few requests on the special day which includes having a tidy space in which to work in so that the background of the subject can be optimised; and to be shown where the wedding rings are being kept in order to photograph them before they are placed on each other’s fingers till death do you part…

The bride not being ready in her wedding gown when the photographer arrives, and having photos taken whilst she prepares herself, is becoming more fashionable these days… and why not… the excitement of getting ready, whether it be hair, make-up, buttoning up the gown or having a celebratory glass with your loved ones, is all part of the fun and these are moments surely worth recording! If the bride would like this to be her case, it is important that the photographer is informed of the timings of make-up artist and hairstylist appointments, so that these added memories are surely captured.

The groom, on the other hand, has an easier job to do and can be ready and dressed (excluding the suit’s blazer) for the occasion by the time the photographer arrives and we can take it from there! Any family members and/or friends at the bride and groom’s houses who are going to be part of the photos are requested to be ready and dressed… and yes, that includes the dog and the cat!

The important thing is that both parties take note of the time this involves and allocates approximately an hour at each house. An extra 30 minutes is always allocated for transportation between each location for the photographer.

Photos are usually shot in a part of the house where the couple feels most at ease and which is equally aesthetically pleasing – having photos shot in the garden or parents’ bedroom are both considered as options. The happier you are in your environment, the more natural and beautiful you will look in your photo!