Most of today's brides and grooms-to-be tend to face the dilemma of choosing 'candid / journalistic' or 'posed' photos on their wedding day.

Posed shots have gotten a bit of a name for themselves of being old fashioned, boring, repetitive as well as time consuming during the big day. But during the editing process, us photographers have come to notice that most of the final chosen photos tend to be the posed ones.

From both a professional as well as an artistic perspective, a posed photo looks elegant and ‘right’ when printed and placed inside a frame; whereas a journalistic photo fits better when shared on social media or merged within an album.

So, what is the right shot to choose?

The ideal scenario is to not restrict your photographer with either just candid / journalistic or posed shots, but to keep it flexible.

We always dedicate a specific set time for posed photos with our clients and their loved ones on their wedding day, which enables them to have the best of both worlds, as each are charming and artistic in their own way.