It cannot be ignored that Malta is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous locations in which one can choose to have the perfect engagement / pre-wedding photo session.

So, what is the key difference between a mediocre and a great photo-session? The answer is simple.

We firstly ensure that enough time is dedicated for each photo session so that the couple is able to naturally relax into the photo shoot and therefore enabling a great end result! 

Equally, by brainstorming and gathering our thoughts, we are able to discover characteristic attributes and individual qualities in each couple in order to create a product that is unique to each bride and groom-to-be. Our expansive experience within the wedding photography industry helps us come up with various ideas and locations which would fit their individualistic personalities.

Some couples dream of summer and beaches, others fantasize of picnics and country views, while several feel thrilled by city life – each will vary on the couple's likes and wishes; it is this, for the most part, which decides the prefect location for your engagement / pre-wedding photo session.